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Alien Worlds

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Alien Worlds was a syndicated radio show created by radio personality Lee Hansen. It aired 26 half-hour episodes between 1978 and 1980, becoming well known for its realistic sound effects, high production values and documentary style of dialogue. See more...
Hardcore science fiction fans are sure to enjoy one of the most dramatic anthologies of the genre, “Dimension X.” The golden age of radio was a period in American history that spawned some of the most creative minds and prolific writers. In fact, this old time radio show paved the way for some of the more popular sci-fi writers today to mark their place in the li
X Minus One
X minus one was effectively the return of Dimension X, and although the opening sequence was revamped and the announcer became Fred Collins, the stories were still as bizarre and intriguing as its predecessor. The first X minus one shows used scripts from Dimension X but soon created new shows, employing the talents of many great See more...