Cloak and Dagger 50-07-02 (08) The Eyes of Buddha

4:00 P. M. is preceded by a news bulletin: "Seoul Korea has been raided by American and Australian war planes. One of two North Korean planes shot down had a Russian red star." An O. S. S. operative flies to Siam to rescue an American held by the Japanese. After witnessing a Japanese decapitation, a daring escape is made from a Japanese prison camp. Part of the system cue has been deleted. Are you willing to undertake a dangerous mission behind the enemy line knowing that you may never return alive? This was the question asked during the war to agents of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) ordinary citizens who to this question answered yes. Black Warfare, espionage and international intrigue, these are the weapons of the OSS. The Eyes of Buddha is the story of an American OSS agent who went deep in to enemy territory to enlist the help of a nation which had declared war on the United States is a story suggested by actual incidents recorded in the Washington files of the Office of Strategic Services.

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