Cloak and Dagger 50-07-09 (09) The Trap

"The Trap". 4:00 P. M. An O. S. S. operative is sent to a German-occupied town in France to find out if the Nazis really hid re-inforcements in the woods. The spy's abilities as a cartoonist is a definite plus, but his escape from the pursuing Nazis results in a wild flight. Are you willing to undertake a dangerous mission behind the enemy line knowing that you may never return alive? This was the question asked during the war to agents of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) ordinary citizens who to this question answered yes. Black Warfare, espionage and international intrigue, these are the weapons of the OSS. The Trap is the story of an American OSS agent who prevented an American advance on to German soil from turning in to a massacre is a story suggested by actual incidents recorded in the Washington files of the Office of Strategic Services.

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