Cloak and Dagger File 2218 Frank Baker’s Story

4:00 P. M. Colonel Corey Ford introduces the series before the story. An announcement is made that this is the first show of the series, but in an ambigiuous way. The stories are based on a book by Corey Ford and Alistair McBain. An American O. S. S. member parachutes into occupied Austria on a spying mission, but makes a serious mistake. Keep your eye on the button! The story is untitled in NBC records. The program of May 14, 1950 was pre-empted for a speech by President Truman. Are you willing to undertake a dangerous mission behind the enemy line knowing that you may never return alive? This was the question asked during the war to agents of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) ordinary citizens who to this question answered yes. Before this first episode begins you will hear from the co-author of the book Cloak & Dagger who was also a former OSS officer on whom the series is based, Colonel Corey Ford.

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