Weird Circle - The Possessive Dead

#69. NBC syndication. "The Possessive Dead". The foot of a beautiful Egyptian mummy, still alive! (and kicking?). “I know superstition dictates that it’s bad luck for a young man to see his bride the evening before his wedding. However, Michael and I were two lonely people in the big wintry city and we were not at all addicted to the belief in superstition. We had known each other since we were children and I had loved Michael as long as that. He on his part claimed to have loved me even longer. It was the warm kind of love, the kind that grows on you and stays believing and never wavering…”
The Weird Circle was a syndicated series produced in New York and licensed by Mutual, and later, NBC's Red network. For two seasons, it cranked out 39 shows (78 total) consisting mostly of radio adaptations of classic horror stories
The show's strength was stories from famous writers of the two genres, including Robert Lewis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Edgar Alan Poe and even Charles Dickens. Most all of the stories came from the Victorian era or older.

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